Keeping Bitcoin Privacy With Coinomize

Bitcoin mixer, also called tumblers Bitcoin, is a service that mixes cryptocurrency tokens. The primary intention of the process is to obscure or cover the Bitcoin origin. The Bitcoin mixing service disconnects the link between the Bitcoin or the cryptocurrency token with the original Bitcoin wallet address. The mixing service charges a fee between 1% and 5% of the total sum mixed. Tumbling of Bitcoin to eliminate their past transactions isn’t prohibited. In addition, there are no clear laws which limit such services. It is only designed to increase the privacy of the Bitcoin user.

The tumbling of Bitcoin works with third party software such as Coinomize, where users may send their coins or cryptocurrency tokens. The third-party software then combines the coins and consequently sends the coins back containing the same quantity. The process disconnects the trail of the Bitcoin trade. Once the coins have been sent, the third party software combines the coins, which breaks the trade trail. The prior coins will be replaced with a new coin with a different course.

Privacy concern is a matter of importance. Covering one’s trade trail isn’t merely a concern for criminals. It’s essential for every Bitcoin user. Advertising firms usually analyze the buying behaviour of the individual for promotion purposes. If a person doesn’t cover its trade tracks, such advertisements firms and third parties may access information like how much a individual spends, where does he spend, and how much does he own. It’s particularly alarming when criminals gain access to these records. The sole intention of covering one’s trade trail is to protect one’s privacy.

Cryptocurrency guarantees privacy and precision. However, there are loopholes where Bitcoin investigation tools and investigators can monitor the Bitcoin transaction to its original user or Bitcoin wallet address. Tumbling of all Bitcoin services like Coinomize have been established to make a layer of protection between the user’s identity and their Bitcoin. Tumbling of Bitcoin, particularly Coinomize has been designed for mobile platforms. It’s developed for the Android operating system and is soon to start for the iOS feature.

Any order that you place in coinomize will come with a Letter of Guarantee. The Letter of Guarantee usually includes a number, referred to as the order number. The order number comes in handy while verifying an order. If the browser becomes disconnected or crashes while blending your bitcoins, you can use the order amount to recover your own bitcoins. Therefore, even if the browser receives crashes or disconnected while blending, there is not anything to worry about. Your coins won’t ever be lost. The order number also contains evidence that the bitcoin speech is possessed by coinomize. Thus, coinomize is the ideal platform to block your bitcoins from spreading back to you.

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